I’ve come to learn that music can be a great tool in the implementation of world-building. Not only does it benefit the atmosphere of a project (and the creative mood), but it can offer invaluable insight and incentive to progress.

In the past, I’ve had a song or two that have resonated with a story, but they’ve been nothing more than happy coincidences.

‘The Devil is a Gentleman’ by Merci (click here) was instrumental in finalising the plot of my current WIP. My writing had come to a dramatic standstill; the story had started to feel flat; the character’s motivations false; I’d veered onto a predictable, unconducive path I didn’t like and knew readers wouldn’t either.

Then I found Merci Raines (thank you Instagram promotions!), and her lyrics inspired a new and exciting change that solidified the plot.
But it would require a lot of work to change what had already been written.
Some characters would need deleting; others writing. Plot twists and crucial moments would require development and alterations, and the target audience would shift from Young Adult to New Adult. It was going to be a very long and irksome process (it still is!), but I’ll share more about that in another post.

Following the inspiration provided by ‘The Devil is a Gentleman’, I sought Merci’s other tracks and found they shared consistent, attractive themes; dark, haunting, twisted–all things I, and the story, could relate to!

I don’t know if it was cosmic intervention or just pure luck, but crossing paths with Merci opened the potential to a whole new spooky world that would awaken the story’s essence.

I hope you’ll listen to Merci’s songs to get a sense of her ‘witch pop’ vibe and thus my WIP.

Speak soon,