A few weeks ago, I was browsing author websites when it hit me. “Kara, you have one of those, tucked away in a far corner of the internet, smothered by virtual cobwebs and spores. Remember?”
Oh yeah. . . . I hadn’t forgotten, but the site and most of my creative endeavours haven’t been at the forefront of my mind these last two years.
I blame the pandemic.
It hasn’t been a good time for anyone but having Asperger’s Syndrome, social anxiety, and a deep phobia of illness wasn’t a healthy combination to fight daily. So I had to up my medication, claw my way out of another depressive state, and fight back the tears and panic attacks to get into work each day and continue (a very unsociable) semblance of life.
If you follow me on social media, you’ll know I worked in the office every day during the pandemic. I started mid-February 2020 and, from March 2020, was left with one interchanging member of staff every day until the end of 2021. So naturally, nothing about that time was fun.

Anyway, I’ve now contracted and fought the bloody virus that’s stolen so much from us all, so I finally took a huge step to socialise over the Jubilee Bank Holiday! I ate out at restaurants, wandered around shops, and went to the cinema (you must see Top Gun: Maverick!), all firsts since this shit-show of a pandemic began!

So now that some worries have eased and I’ve dipped my toe in the pool of life, I thought I should be more present, physically and digitally!
Look out for updates to the site pages (you might notice that TikTok icon in the top left corner of the screen already) and posts detailing the progress of my current project. It’s been slow, but hey, slow is better than nothing, and mental health self-care is a must!