In the planning stages since its conception in the summer of 2021, this project spans the genres of fantasy, supernatural and contemporary fiction, romance and horror.
In a tweet, it was best described as ‘Insidious’ meets ‘Gone in 60 Seconds’, interspersed with despairing dancers and impoverished artists.
Expect: Moon Gates, Astral Projection, Phantoms, NDE and Car Theft. 

“Keegan marvelled at how he stretched sunlight over barren fields, chartered shadows over nameless faces and soulless eyes. It was a power she’d never yield, but now she understood his study of her.”

Deliciously dark, immersive and atmospheric.

A modern dark fantasy bursting with emotion; this is a turbulent story of past and present with covert misdeeds and deadly desires.

Readers of Holly Black and V. E. Schwab will devour this.